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Saving 1000 Lives

  in our 100th year

In 2019, Girl Guides Queensland, in partnership with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, is setting a goal to help save 1000 lives by donating blood through metropolitan and regional centres.

We need 500 people to make this happen

Giving back to the community and making a difference has long been part of GGQ's history. There is no bigger act of giving, than the gift of life. Our association with Red Cross dates back to Agnes Baden - Powell's Presidency of the Westminster Division of Red Cross and the significant blood donation contribution Guides made during many international conflicts.

Five simple steps to unite and help saves lives in GGQ's centenary year:

1. Register your details at donateblood.com.au by clicking on 'log in' in the top right hand corner. On next page, click 'register here'
2. Once logged in, go to the 'My Details' tab and click on 'Manage Details'
3. Click 'Update my Preferences'
4. In the Red25 Organisation tab, start to type 'Girl Guides Queensland'
5. In the drop down list, choose your region and submit.
   *If you are not a member, please choose 'Supporters'

These steps only need to be completed once. Thereafter, all donations will automatically be recorded to Girl Guides Queensland.

Visit donateblood.com.au for the full list of Australian Red Cross donation centre locations, including mobile vans. Donations can be made every 12 weeks.

Join us and Red Cross to make a difference to recipients' lives and that of their families in our centenary year. 


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