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The word 'Gilliana' means message stick.

A message stick is a form of communication traditionally used by Indigenous Australians. It is 
usually a solid piece of wood, around 20–30cm in length, etched with angular lines and dots.
"Finally, the stick having passed from one to the other of the old men present is handed to the messenger, who has received his verbal message in connection with it" – Alfred Howitt about Wurundjeri (Melbourne)
"Then he ['Goggle-Eye'] showed me a little bit of stick with notches on it, and said it was a blackfellow's letter-stick, or, as he called it, a "yabber-stick." It was round, not flat like most other letters, and was an invitation to a corroboree; and there were notches on it explaining what sort of corroboree it was, and saying that it was to be held at Duck Creek. There was some other news marked on it..." Jeannie Gunn, Mataranka N.T. 1902 – Wikipedia

    This is the symbolgram used in Gilliana.
The symbolgram means that our paths of thought are travelling to the four corners of the earth bringing our friendship and ideas to all our sister Guides.

The triangle represents heart love or sisterly love between all members of the Guide family.
The square with the points represents The Four Winds—the four corners of the earth.
The diagonal lines represents thought and path.

Old American Indian symbols were chosen as they represented some of the things it was hoped the magazine would mean to readers. 


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