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May: 11 May 2018
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State Executive Officer Resignation

I am very pleased to announce that the GGQ Board has appointed Kim Harrington to the role of Interim SEO.  

Kim is a highly experienced General Manager across a broad range of areas. Some may remember Kim as the consultant who worked with both Lynne Price and Sue Van Eyk on the Working Together project 12 years ago.

Kim will be covering the SEO role while the Board re-assesses the role and implements the recruitment process. We are extremely lucky to have Kim work with us for this short period - her skills are extensive. I know you will enjoy working with her and please make her welcome. You can contact Kim at seo@guidesqld.org.

I will be away on holidays until 30 May. Please contact my team, StateTeam@guidesqld.org if you require any assistance.

Velia Nicholls
GGQ State Commissioner


As we start to prepare for National biscuit day on Saturday 26 May, be sure to visit the GGA website for all the biscuit resources available to promote your campaign and events including a new local Media Release Template.

District Biscuit Invoices
All Districts must make regular fortnightly payments within 2 weeks of invoice with all outstanding payments to be made by 31 July 2018.

Need more biscuits?
State Office has excess stock available for Districts to place another order. You will have to organise pickup of stock and all previous biscuit deliveries must paid in full. For more information or to place another order, email Jo at biscuits@guidesqld.org.

Advertising your Biscuits Online
All Districts were sent an email offering help to promote local biscuit campaigns online.

  • To advertise your biscuit sales event on GGA website, GGQ website and GGQ Social media, complete this form.
  • To advertise your biscuit primary contact for your District on the GGQ website, complete this form

Audit Reports

Audit reports are now overdue for 2017 and very overdue for the few that have not completed 2016. If you are having any problems please contact Lesley at Finance@guidesqld.org

Please note when detailing your income or expenses in the audit spreadsheet, that in GGQ Finance Operational Policies under clause 3.2 Financial Records, it states that “Items listed as sundry, miscellaneous, other or similar should not exceed 10% of the total income or expenses”. This policy was initiated at the request of GGQ auditors and must be complied with. 

Unidentified Payments

GGQ currently has over $6,000 in unidentified direct deposits that cannot be processed due to a few reasons that can be easily overcome with your help.

The Unidentified Payments document details the following common occurrences

  • Membership being paid but no Membership form received by State Office.
  • Membership being paid with the reference of ‘Girl Guides’ (or similar) which cannot be matched to a specific Membership form or District
  • Membership being paid without adequate payment reference information for the payment to be linked to a name or potential Member.
  • Term fees being paid to GGQ instead of the District

Unpaid Memberships document received but cannot be matched to payment

  • Direct deposits not recieved or unable to identify
  • Get Started vouchers unable to be processed
  • Recieved Membership forms without payment information
Please review both sheets on this spreadsheet and If you recognise any names or think they might be a part of your Unit/District/Region please contact us. New memberships can only be processed and allocated a membership number if both the forms and funds are received at State Office.  If they are not processed the members cannot be seen on the membership dashboard.

We have confirmed where some of the payments have come from, however as we haven’t received membership forms or responses to our emails they remain on the attached sheet until all required paperwork is received. Please forward all queries and or Membership forms to membership@guidesqld.org

Volunteer Position Vacant

We have currently two position available.
  1. Property Committee
  2. Marketing and Communications Volunteer Manager
Please click here for more details on the roles and how to apply for them.

Update from Community Development Officer

Volunteer DL Flyer
We are excited to share with you a new resource, A Volunteer DL Flyer - available for recruiting volunteers. I encourage you to think creatively about how this resource may assist you as a Leader, if for example you were looking for specific skills, you could take this resource to local businesses to recruit volunteers that may possess the skills you are seeking. You never know where it might lead and of course remember to take this along to any events you may be hosting or attending. Region Managers have been contacted to place Region orders, supply is limited and a maximum of 50 per District will be supplied.

Events - Photo Signage

A new poster for events has been created to advise attendee’s that photos will be taken at the event. This is a good prompt and warning should anyone at the event have a specific issue with photographs. If you would like to share a use photographs of a child however, you will require media consent from their parents. Please use this form if you are taking photos to be used in any promotional context.


Applications for the 2018 QLD Agoonoree are now open and will close on Thursday May 31. 

What is Agoonoree I hear you say? Agoonoree is a Scout and Guide service camp run every year where we invite children from the community (outside of Scouting and Guiding) with special needs to join us for a week to taste what our great movements have to offer.  The camp is not only beneficial for the special needs children that get to attend, but it also plays a major role in development of our Scouting and Guiding members. 

The camp is open to all members (including Leaders) aged 12 and above and throughout the week youth will be able to partake in a variety of activities that will challenge and stimulate all attendees. The camp is held during the 1st week of the September School Holidays at BP Park - Samford and this year we celebrate our 38th year in operation. 

Camp Costs:
Under 18         $190
Over 18         $170

For more information, requirements and to apply visit http://agoonoree.scoutsqld.com.au/apply. Be quick as applications will close May 31 2018.  
If you have any questions regarding Agoonoree please contact: DCCGuides@agoonoree.scoutsqld.com.au



Dates for your Diary

  • 13 May Mother's Day
  • 14-15 May Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge Lights - blue/yellow
  • 18 May QORF Visioning the Outdoor Competition Closes
  • 19-20 May PGL Guide Only Weekend
  • 21-27 May National Volunteer Week
  • 26 May National Biscuit Day
  • 28 May - 10 June Biscuit Banner on Story Bridge
  • 2 June Bowen Come and Try Day
  • 2 June Roma Come and Try Day
  • 17 June - Moogerah Come and Try Day
  • 6-8 July Kuungana - National Olave Conference
  • 21 July Dalrymple Come and Try Day
  • 31 July Initial Biscuit Order Payments Due
  • 11-12 August PGL Guide Only Weekend cancelled.
  • 18-19 August - Chain of Cardboard Cities
  • 22-28 September AGOONOREE
  • 28-1 October QLD Olave Program Conference “Make a Splash”