District Matters 

April: 13 April 2018

Grant Funding Reminders 2018

A reminder to all Districts that grant funding has to go through Girl Guide Queensland bank accounts as the grant is funded and acquitted under the GGQ ABN and ultimately GGQ is responsible for ensuring the grant is spent correctly. 

You can find all the relevant documents for Grants and Fundraising here on the GGQ website.


ANZAC Day is fast approaching. This year we are trialling online registrations to ensure that we have emergency contact details for all who attend. Please encourage all girls and Leaders who will be in attendance to register online.

Brisbane City Service Opportunity
Sixty Girl Guides aged 10 years and over are required to carry the flags and banners within the ANZAC Day march. This Service can be recognised towards Peak Achievement Awards. Girls are required to be at the March Youth Compound by 9:00 am.  A further 100 Guides aged 9 years and over are required to carry numbered paddles to identify the Units marching. These Guides will be required by 9:00 am to start the march as paddle holders. Additional Guides are required to carry banners during the march for Units that cannot carry their own. Guides must wear full uniform including black shoes and Guide bucket hat. Backpacks or bags are not permitted during the march. Guides will be transported back to the Youth Compound at the end of the march. 

To nominate as an ANZAC Day Supporter, discuss with your Guide Leader and register.

Positions Vacant 

Property Committee - Expressions of Interest
We are seeking expressions of interest for the Property Committee due to be re-engaged in May/June 2018. The Committee will be headed by a GGQ Board sponsor and meet monthly with a commitment to a 2 year term. EOI’s can come from within Guiding or outside, depending on the relevant skill and experience. In particular we are searching for people with the following background; Town planning, WHS/Compliance and legislation, Building/construction. Please submit a one page EOI detailing relevant attributes to seo@guidesqld.org Please note, this is a voluntary position.
Marketing and Communications Volunteer Manager
This is a new role to join the Queensland Management Committee (QMC). As we move toward our Marketing and Communications being centred around the girl led experience, we are calling on a Guide with a passion for spreading the word about what Girl Guides does in communities and with the public. This 3 year term works alongside the Communications team in State Office and reports to QMC and the State Commissioner. The aim is to help drive the content published in internal communications and external branding to ensure it always puts the unique girl experience of Guiding at the centre. EOI’s can be sent to hrchair@guidesqld.org This is a voluntary position available to Guide Members and it is encouraged that the Manager will build a team to support her. 

Building Inspections

Many Districts have already submitted their inspections reports along with their AGM reports. This is an annual process where all huts and storage sheds are inspected to identify necessary repairs or maintenance to be completed over the coming year. To assist with this process, go to the Building Check List on the website. If you have completed a different version, this is fine, we are looking at reviewing the checklist for next year. 

This provides an opportunity for you to schedule the most urgent work and to obtain quotes for repairs. Grant applications can be prepared so that when a grant becomes available, you are well prepared.


Triple Treat

As you know, Triple Treat is a wonderful way to reward girls for bringing in new Members and grow Guiding. As announced by Wendy Leabeater at the AGM, after 10 years she is passing on the responsibility of Triple Treat to Units and Districts. The badges will soon be available in the Guide Supplies shop at no cost for Units/Districts to manage themselves. 

Click Here to Download the full fact sheet with full details
Click Here to Download templates for the Triple Treat Certificates and Welcome Cards

  • All membership referrals from 1 April 2018 will need to be processed through the Units and Guide Supplies - Not State Office.
  • The Youth membership form has been updated on the GGQ website to reflect these changes and no longer asks for the referral name.
  • Triple Treat Cone, Triple Treat Scoops and I’m A Triple Treat Friend badges will be available to order online from 30 April 2018
  • If Guide Supplies is sending the badges to a District or Unit a postage fee will still be applicable. 
  • Templates for optional Triple Treat Welcome Cards and Certificates can be found in the links above and on the GGQ website. 
You can find all Triple Treat information and resources on the GGQ website: Resources > Triple Treat

State Office Update

State Office will be closed to the public on Monday 23 April for a Staff Innovation Day. Following on from a successful Staff Innovation Day in January, we will be holding these days quarterly. Our focus for April will be communication from State Office and how we can best support the Units and Districts. Please be mindful of this closure when contacting us on this day as we may not be available. Thank you for your understanding. A reminder of the "Who’s Who" of your State Office team can be found here.

Biscuit 2018 Update

Girl Guides Australia have released Biscuit News - Issue 2 with an update for Leaders available to download now!

Biscuits will be arriving soon so please be aware of delivery notifications from TOLL

Initial Delivery Notification

  • Once the biscuit order has reached the Toll hub you will receive a text to the first mobile number you provided on your biscuit order. This text will give you the #tracking number (consignment number) and the expected delivery date.
  • If the expected delivery date and the time is suitable for you no further action is
  • If you wish to change your delivery options you can follow the link to ‘manage my
    delivery’ and follow the steps
  • If no mobile phone number was provided with your biscuit order then you will receive an email.

Biscuit Delivery 
Modern Baking Company (MBC) need to know if you have any problems with the delivery of your biscuit order ASAP. Please follow the procedure below so that issues can be resolved in a timely manner. 
Once your biscuits have been delivered please carefully check the delivery against your biscuit order. If the order is correct then no action needs to be taken. However if you are missing part of your order or it has been damaged then it is important to contact the manufacturer ASAP so that they are aware of the problem and allows them to follow up any damaged stock with TOLL immediately. 

  1. Incomplete/Incorrect Biscuit Order 
    For all incomplete or incorrect biscuit orders received please explain exactly what the problem is in an email to: Customer.Service@modernbaking.com.au 
    Ensure you state the delivery name, address and mobile phone number given in the original order. Keep the biscuits unless otherwise instructed by MBC. 
    Please copy Qld Biscuit Coordinator Joanne Englefield into all emails you send regarding issues. Email to biscuits@guidesqld.org

  2. Damaged Deliveries 
    This year, Modern Baking will be applying “Fragile” and “Top Load Only” stickers to all cartons in an effort to avoid the breakages experienced last year. If you do happen to find some damaged cartons in your order, please take photographs of the carton itself and the biscuit packets inside it ensuring that your photos capture all the damage that has occurred. Please send the images with an explanation of the damage via email to: Customer.Service@modernbaking.com.au 
    Ensure you state the delivery name, address and mobile phone number given in the original order. 
    Please copy Qld Biscuit Coordinator Joanne Englefield into all emails you send regarding issues. Email to biscuits@guidesqld.org

  3. Delivery Service 
    If you encounter any problems with the service from TOLL please also advise MBC of your issues in an email to: Customer.Service@modernbaking.com.au 
    Ensure you state the delivery name, address and mobile phone number given in the original order. 
    Please copy Qld Biscuit Coordinator Joanne Englefield into all emails you send regarding issues. Email to biscuits@guidesqld.org

  4. Faulty product 
    For faulty product, please take photographs of the product capturing the fault and write the numbers from the best before section and email to: Customer.Service@modernbaking.com.au 
    Please copy Qld Biscuit Coordinator Joanne Englefield into all emails you send regarding issues. Email to biscuits@guidesqld.org

Cashbook April 2018 Update

Thanks to the L&D team, an updated Cashbook template for 2018 is now available on the website which addresses problems that some Guide Groups may have encountered. 

  • Please read the detailed instructions on how to properly use this document
  • Be sure to delete any previous versions of this template and use only the most current version which is always available on the website.
  • If you have already started using the previous version of the Cashbook and would like assistance updating it to the correct format, email Tanya McPherson the Learning and Development Assistant Manager

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe trainings are now available through the online E-Learning Platform. 
Click Here to download instructions on how to access these trainings.

Update from Community Development Officer

Brisbane North and John Oxley successfully ran a stall at the Women of the World Festival, 2018 at Brisbane Powerhouse. Their display focused on women from around the world who were once Guides, check out the gallery of images and resources

Women of the World (WOW) was a fantastic opportunity to increase the brand awareness of Girl Guides Queensland. We took several enquiries from potential Members and volunteers. Additionally we had the opportunity to connect with other organisations and meet some influential women and leaders. John Oxley and Brisbane North pulled together to share the duties of the event to ensure Girl Guides Queensland was represented at the WOW Festival. As you may have seen through social media, Dame Quentin Bryce and the Duchess of Cornwall were also in attendance at this prestigious event for women.

The display included a selection of women from around the world who were Girl Guides (Click Here to Download). At times some Guide ingenuity was required to keep the display up as the wind was a challenging factor, however, I hope this display might give you some ideas for upcoming events. The Regions also cleverly used an iPad connected via hotspot or local wifi to complete online enquiry forms via www.guidesqld.org Included in the table display were brochures and information about the programs Guides Queensland offers. The display was interactive and engaging and looked professional. If you have an event coming up or require assistance for a future event please contact Caitlin at caitlink@guidesqld.org 

Stargazing Live with ABC

The ABC is co-ordinating a massive nationwide event this May to inspire our next generation of scientists and astronomers.  In conjunction with Stargazing Live we are aiming to break a World Record for the most people Stargazing at the same time across multiple locations on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.
We would love Girl Guide groups across the country to get involved with their members, all you need is an open space where you can see the sky (the moon specifically!) and a group people who have always wanted to be World Record Holders!

Click Here for more information
Click Here to register

QORF Outdoor Resources

There are some brilliant outdoor resources available at https://qorf.org.au to help you with planning outdoor programs in your units including Activity Ideas, Fact Sheets, Events and Projects to be involved in. 

QORF’s “Visioning the Outdoors” photo and video competition is currently open until Friday 18 May. Check out www.visioningtheoutdoors.com for entry details.