District Matters 

22 June 2018

State Office Update


Lesley Jardine – Administration & Finance Manager finance@guidesqld.org
Initial contact for property, insurance, finance

Trudy Bonelli – Accounts Officer accounts@guidesqld.org
Finance queries

Hannah McDonald - Administration Assistant
Resigned in early May

Lauretta Lekakis - Administration Assistant reception@guidesqld.org
Replaced Hannah - performing this role on a temporary basis (on an Intern placement)

Anita Lomas - QMC Support support@guidesqld.org
Key contact for all Program Manager queries – Program, Events, L&D, Olave

Jennifer Keyt - Membership Officer  membership@guidesqld.org
Contact for all member queries.  Anita and Jennifer work as a team to ensure activity across both areas are supported

Carla Black - QMC Coordinator support@guidesqld.org
Working on special Membership projects and providing support to Anita and Jennifer up to 13 July and then will be on leave for approx. 6-8 weeks

Jo  Englefield – Merchandise Manager guidesupplies@guidesqld.org 
Guides Shop, Biscuits, Awards

Caitlin Knapper - Community Development Officer caitlink@guidesqld.org
Contact for any membership recruitment activities and support for Leaders and Managers. Support for new member and volunteer enquiries 

Phillip Breen - Property Officer
Starts 27 June in a full time position for six weeks only to work with SEO and Admin Manager to review all aspects of GGQ Property

Communications team 
Jamie Hill  - Communications Manager jamieh@guidesqld.org
Oversees internal and external communications. Main contact for Marketing, Promotional Material, Queensland on the Go, District Matters

Jason Li - (IT support) webmaster@guidesqld.org
Booking teleconferences, social media, maintaining website, meneral IT, managing Guide email accounts, national circulars

Kirby Gardner – Database Coordinator 
Contact for support with member dashboards and reports webmaster@guidesqld.org
Blue Cards and membership team support Bluecard@guidesqld.org 

James Maxwell – Communications Intern
Graphic design, IT and website projects (6 weeks part time only) 

There has been a little office movement as well, and you will now find:

  • Communications team next to the State Commissioners office (old members room/ State Team office)
  • State Team - next to the kitchen
  • Volunteer filing draws – located in the main office between Reception/Membership
  • Volunteers Resource room – please let me know if you would like any additional resources/format etc (the temperature we can’t do anything with whilst the server remains!)

I look forward to meeting you next time you are next in the office.

Kim Harrington
Interim State Executive Officer

New Blue Card Forms

The current Blue Card forms are only valid for lodgement till 30 June 2018 but Blue Card Services will accept these for one more month. Blue Card Services are due to release the new 2018/19 forms soon and state office will upload the forms with our organisational details as soon as they are available to www.guidesqld.org/bluecard and in upcoming District Matters. 

Unidentified Payments

Girl Guides Queensland (GGQ) has $4,000 in unidentified direct deposits that cannot be processed due to reasons that can be easily overcome with your help. As Leaders who distribute the current membership forms containing the bank account and reference details, it is imperative that you check the below documents to claim paperwork or money that may belong to your Unit.

Please forward all queries and/or membership forms to membership@guidesqld.org.


LD Report

Learning and Development is an ongoing process. The Learning and Development team in Queensland works hard to provide opportunity for all our leaders to receive the training and support they need to be effective. See below the answer to some frequently asked questions:

What can I do to maintain my interest and update my skills in Guiding?
Here are some ideas:

  • Attend a Region or District or State Guide update training. These used to be called ‘Training Treats’ but are called “Region Gatherings’ in 2018. They are specifically for building Region networks for new and experienced adult members while exploring topics of interest identified by the members of the Region. They are an opportunity to experience the fun and friendship of adult membership with Girl Guides.
  • Explore a Learning Topic from the Girl Guides Australia website
  • Check out the WAGGGS website, overseas Guide Organisations or related online platforms for ideas, resources and contacts that may be useful  to you
  • Gain an Outdoors Module eg in camping, canoeing or sailing
  • Take on a supplementary role eg Learning Partner or Workshop Presenter
  • Become a member of your State Board or a committee such as Risk, Awards, or ? 
  • Complete an Adult Endeavour challenge, or the whole syllabus

Remember to fill out your Learning Log, so you can discuss your ongoing learning with your Managers at you Annual Role Review. www.guidelinesforgirlguides.org.au

I got qualified in NSW 2 years ago. Do I have to redo my Guide Leader qualification now that I live in Queensland?
No, your ALQP qualification is valid throughout Australia. You will just need to meet current State requirements for safety and child protection, undertake a local induction and be appointed to your new role.

I was a qualified leader in 2004. What do I need to do to be qualified again?
If qualified under ALQP or under ALLP, your qualification stands (your qualification does not expire). If active 10+ years ago, then Induction is likely to identify any gaps in knowledge and further ‘training’ (individual segments/sessions) or discussion that might be needed. However this is up to the District Manager/Region Manager to identify. Re-attending full LQ training, requalification or redoing the passport is NOT required.

Our last qualification Training weekends for 2018 are in August and October. If you are not yet qualified and need to attend Qualification Training please register early for the course of your choice. You may do a full residential weekend 4/5 August, or a 2 day non- residential weekend 13/14 October. Or you may do one day at each weekend. A further alternative is a 6 week evening course hosted at the Aspley Guide Hut between 26 July - 30 August. All that we ask is that you register early so that we can ensure we have appropriate numbers and facilities available for you. 

If you have questions or are in a situation that needs clarification ask your District Manager and if still in doubt refer to the State Learning and Development Manager.

Kathy Neehouse
State Learning and Development Manager 

Dates for your Diary

  • 30 June Major Mitchell Region Gathering
  • 1 July Expedition Leader Light Weight Training
  • 6-8 July Kuungana - National Olave Conference
  • 4 and 19 July Guiding Orientation Webinar
  • 14 July Minimising Operational Risk Webinar
  • 21 July Dalrymple Come and Try Day
  • 21-22 Region Manager Conference
  • 31 July Final Biscuit Order Payments Due
  • 11-12 August PGL Guide Only Weekend cancelled.
  • 18-19 August - Chain of Cardboard Cities
  • 22-28 September Agoonoree
  • 28-1 October QLD Olave Program Conference “Make a Splash”