District Matters 

17 August 2018

Overdue Guide Accounts

Biscuit and insurance payments from Guide Districts continue to fall behind, and in some instances, invoices are ignored. Despite emails and calls from the state team we have not had traction.
Action required:  Each District is respectively asked to send an explanation and indicative date for payment to Kim Harrington (seo@guidesqld.org cc: accounts@guidesqld.org) by 31 August 2018 in order to resolve any significant issues with all concerned. Thank you for your prompt attention!

AnchorPublic Liability Insurance Invoices

Public Liability insurance invoices have been issued in the last week and prompt payment would be appreciated. 

All districts are required to pay this insurance regardless of whether the district is in recess.  Provided below is an explanation of this insurance obligation: 

Public Liability insurance protects against financial loss if your actions, your negligence or the condition of your property is found to cause a person to be injured or killed, or a person’s property to be damaged or destroyed, or they suffer loss as a result of relying on your services or advice.  Liability insurance covers two key financial risks – one is the legal cost of defending a claim, the second is the compensation that you may be directed to pay the injured or wronged party, plus their legal costs, if a claim against you is upheld.

AnchorAre your Members missing membership Payment

Girl Guides Queensland (GGQ) has over $8,000 in unidentified direct deposits that cannot be processed due to reasons that can be easily overcome with your help. Could Leaders kindly check the below documents to claim paperwork or money that may belong to your Unit: Please forward all queries and/or membership forms to membership@guidesqld.org.


Volunteer Grants Update

There are a number of new community grants and fundraising opportunities available to Districts. An email will be sent to District Managers next week for your review - we encourage you to try for a slice of the pie for our Girls! 

Contact Caitlin, our Community Development Officer for support at caitlink@guidesqld.org.

Guides Supplies

New swap badges have just arrived. All will be available to view and purchase via the online site www.guidesupplies.com.au or instore. Keep an eye out as there are more to come!

  • Guiding Sleepover
  • Sleeping Under the Stars 
  • Campfire Fun
  • Queensland Friendship
  • Service to the Community 
  • Happy Birthday Puppy


Unit Status Report Survey

By now, all Units should have received a request to complete a “Unit Status Report Survey”. Thanks for the great response (60%) to date - let’s beat last years result of 95%! 

The survey will be conducted twice a year.  The survey captures up to date information about when Units meet, trial periods and capacity to accept new girls. The information will improve the accuracy of the database which will improve our ability to transition membership enquiries into local Guide Units as Members. 

The information on capacity will help State Office prioritise how we support our members in determining tools and resources helpful to retain or increase membership across the State.

If you have not completed this quick survey, please CLICK HERE - findings will be shared!

GGA Individual Membership

The Girl Guides Australia Board has formalised the processes for interested persons to apply to be an individual member of Girl Guides Australia. GGA Individual Membership is specified under the Constitution and members do not have voting rights.

Membership is open to women who wish to support Girl Guiding in Australia and meet the membership criteria. State Girl Guide Organisation members are not eligible to become individual members of Girl Guides Australia.

The membership package is available at www.girlguides.org.au. For more information or registrations, email applications@girlguides.org.au.

News from Learning and Development

The National L&D Committee has released new versions of the Passport Guidance Notes. These notes were originally designed to assist Mentors, Learning Partners, other qualified Leaders, and District / Region Managers to support new Leaders and Managers working towards their qualifications.
The new versions are specific to each passport, and are simpler and more concise documents. They can be found alongside each Leadership and Management passport on the GGA website at www.girlguides.org.au

If you are a Learning Partner, District or Region Manager, or qualified Leader in a Unit with ‘not yet qualified’ Leaders, please familiarise yourself with the new Guidance notes relevant to the NYQ Leader or Manager you are supporting.

Community Development Officer Updates

Advertising on VIKTOR
VIKTOR is a free volunteer recruitment and administration tool. It gives you the ability to streamline recruitment through Australia’s national volunteer database and a host of channels, including SEEK Volunteer, Volunteer Profile and the GoVolunteer app. If your District is interested in advertising for volunteers using this service, then please contact caitlink@guidesqld.org.  

Advertising Events on Facebook
Promoting your event on Facebook is engaging and cost effective. Whilst you may have a Region or District Facebook page, setting up membership recruitment events through the Girl Guides Queensland Facebook page will provide you with support from State Office as well as insight into how your event is performing, i.e. how many people it has reached, which demographic it is performing well to etc. You will still have ownership of the event and be able to edit details, post in the event and respond to enquiries. If you are planning an event to attract new members, please contact caitlink@guidesqld.org

Database Update

Timezone Fixed
A small but annoying fix has happened on the website  - all dates will now be correctly displayed in Australian format!! This should be correct on all Leader and Manager Dashboards including exported reports which will improve the ability to sort by date in Microsoft Excel. 

Kindilan Fun Day

An action packed day of fun and adventure for the whole family! Activities include Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Abseiling, Archery, Low ropes, High ropes, Flying fox, Koala climbs, Crate climb, Orienteering, Geocaching, Art in the bush, Environmental/Conservation work, Pioneering, Rope bridge, Catapult with targets, Adventure Based Learning Recycled art and more!

Date: Saturday 8 September 2018
Times: Activities start at 9am and finish at 4pm with short lunch break from 12-12:30pm
Open to: Ages 5+
Cost: $30 per person
RSVP: 24 August 2018
Contact: outdoors@guidesqld.org

Visit www.guidesqld.org/kindilanfunday for more information and registrations. 

Dates for your Diary

  • 18-19 August - Chain of Cardboard Cities
  • 1 September Support Group Workshop (Brisbane North)
  • 8 September Kindilan Fun Day
  • 22-28 September Agoonoree
  • 30 Sept - 6 Oct Sydney Jamboree 2018
  • 28 Sept -1 Oct QLD Olave Program Conference “Make a Splash”