State Good Turn 2016


Girl Guides Queensland (GGQ) is partnering with the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) to assist our sisters and their families in drought affected areas.
In this spirit our State Good Turn for 2016 is:

Fundraising to Aid Drought affected Areas of Queensland

We have a fundraising target of $30,000 - a very achievable goal if you think that this equals to only $5 to be raised by each member.  Please encourage all Units and Districts to fundraise and raise awareness for their State Good Turn service. For ideas for fundraising please go to our page listing fundraising ideas.


The fine print

The QCWA has an established Public Rural Crises Fund to aid families in crisis after a natural disaster. It is the QCWA who assess the need and GGQ assures you the money stays in the community in the form of grocery vouchers, store credit or payments of accounts. When GGQ donates your money to this Fund 100% of your gift goes directly to helping families recover, rebuild and get ahead.
Please follow these directions as your Unit and District raise money and Girl Guides Queensland will forward your donations every month.
Transfer all monies raised directly to Girl Guides Queensland State Office via EFT.
Bank Details are: BSB 034071 Acc: 410766 Reference: SGT
Notify State Office of your transaction via email to: Lesley Jardine Finance Manager:
Activities, updates and progress on our $30,000 goal will be printed monthly in Queensland on the Go and right here too.

Send in your photos and efforts and we will endeavor to print as many as we can. If you would like detailed information about this year’s State Good Turn please email Heather Pettigrew: