Queensland State Centenary Camp

Venue: PGL Kindilan Redland Bay, South East Queensland
Dates: 30 June to 6 July 2019
Open to: Youth members aged 9-17 (at time of event)
Cost: $500 Guides, $250 for Leaders


Less than 25 days until Guides, Leaders, Olaves and Trefoil Members come together to celebrate 100 years of Girl Guides Queensland at the Trailblazers Centenary State Camp, PGL Kindilan.

We have Girl Guide members coming from far and wide within Queensland to join in many activities, both old and new. 

Celebrating Trailblazers from areas of sport, arts, literature, and science, our Group and Sub Camps have been formed of a mix of country and metro units, so everyone can make friends and create happy memories over the weeklong camp.  Many camps have been happening around the state as part of the preparations for camp. It is wonderful to see so many Girl Guides out there camping and enjoying the outdoors.

“Trailblazers Centenary Camp” Facebook page is alive and active.  Posts are being placed daily and it is a great place to get some of your questions answered.  During the camp, photos, birthday messages etc will be posted daily, so get on board to know what is happening.  Send through a request to join NOW!!


Guides and Leaders are looking forward to seeing family and friends on Friday.  We do ask that you plan your travel in advance as parking on site is very limited due to weather conditions. The public transport is great!  There is a bus service, Redlands route 282 that starts at Victoria Point Central Bus station and stops metres away from KINDILAN’s entrance.

VIP parking and disability (with sticker) is onsite.Fiesta Day 10am – 3pmThose registered to stay for dinner the day finishes at 8pm.



Fiesta Day Is the official last day of camp, Friday 5th July, running from 10.00am to 3.00pm.  The entire camp comes together for carnival theme activities run by each of the Sub Camps.  At lunchtime, we will all join together to eat our lunch, thus forming The Giant Ring Road Picnic.  There will of course be a Fiesta Challenge for Guides (campers and visitors) to participate in.

You can also check out the Guide Museum, have a wander round the lake, pop into the Sub Camps and see everything set up, There will be an opportunity to watch the Talent Quest Finals, buy something from the Guide Shop, and watch the Grande Parade.

Guiding Families are invited to attend, however all children must be supervised. Leaders on camp are responsible only for Guides attending the week camp.

Cost to people registering is:
$10 per person
$5 concession holders
Free 0 to 4 year old’s

We need to know if you are coming. Please follow the link to registration for Fiesta Day. REGISTER HERE. Please indicate name, numbers of adults and children and method of travel. You will receive an automatic receipt. Upon arrival you can pay (cash only please) at the PGL Kindilan entry and have a wrist band put on your arm to identify you as a guest. For more Information you can email trailblazers@guidesqld.org. We are all looking forward to meeting many new faces and making new friends at camp.

Trailblazers Centenary State Camp Committee


Situpon, Morning & Afternoon Tea, Picnic Lunch, Water Bottle, Mozzie spray, Smiles and Energy to join in on the Day’s activities.



We look forward to welcoming you to this special event!