Girl Guides Queensland can assist you in all your promotions, campaigns and resources.
Please contact Guides Queensland State Office for more information.

The Girl Guides Queensland Logo Kit

The Girl Guide Logo and Trefoil are part of our identity as Girl Guides Australia. As well as reflecting the values of the organisation, the consistent proper use of the Trefoil and Logo communicates the quality and professionalism of Guiding in Australia.
The  GGA Logo Styleguide publication is a guide to the correct use of the Logo and Trefoil and abiding by these Guidelines will ensure consistency of image and branding.

The following GGQ Logo Kit contains high resolution colour versions of our Girl Guides Queensland logo and trefoil. All Guide Leaders are free to use these logos provided it adheres to the provided GGA Styleguide.

 Download the Girl Guides Queensland Logo Kit

Please request Custom Artwork if require a digital version of the Girl Guides Queensland Logo or Trefoil to use in projects like commercial printing, banners or embroidery.

Custom Poster Templates

These posters are a pdf document allowing you to customise with your own Guide group and contact details to print and hang around your display stall and local community.

To download:
1) Select the poster you prefer which will open the poster in a new window
2) Click on the download icon in the top right, this will automatically save the file to your computer.


Banners and Signage

Girl Guides Queensland State Office have a variety of generic promotional banners and signage available for hire.
To enquire about these bookings, email the State Office for details and availability.

Design Your Own Custom Banner

The State Office can design any custom pull up banners, hut signage or other design requests and if required, help organise with your local supplier the production of your collateral.

Sample Signage

 Preview a full list of design samples and templates to help get your design project started.
Request Custom Artwork for design requests and enquiries.

Media Resources

Girl Guides have a number of great videos that highlight some of the great activities and programs that are available to its Members. These videos can be an engaging resource to use in promotions and PR stalls if you have access to a TV, projector, laptop or tablet. The below videos are available to preview and download. Please keep in mind these are a large file/download size.
   Preview: 101 About Girl Guides Victoria    
Download File Here (51MB)
Published 2018  

Preview: 102 Girl Guides We're for Girls
Download File Here (29MB)
Published 2018
   Preview: Great Bunya Gathering (GBG) Highlights    
Published November 2015  
Preview: Interviewed for International Day of the Girl
Download File Here (54MB)
Published June 2015
Preview: Why do you love Girl Guides?
Download File Now (231MB)
Published March 2016

Preview: Snoozefest 2016
Download File Now (21MB)
Published May 2016

Preview: Women of Vision
Download File Now (15MB)
Published 6 June 2016
  Preview: GGA Promo (Women of Substance)
Download File Now (6MB)
Published October 2014
  Preview: GGA Promo (About Us)
Download File Now (52 MB)
Published Feb 2018
  Preview: GGA Promo (Why Join Girl Guides)
Download File Now (29.5 MB)
Published Feb 2018
  Preview: GGA Promo (Girl Only Space)
Download File Now (17.3 MB)
Published Feb 2018
  Preview: GGA Promo (Outdoors)
Download File Now (173 MB)
Published Mar 2018
  Preview: GGA Promo (Family Traditions)
Download File Now (170 MB)
Published Mar 2018
  Preview: GGA Promo (Leadership and Teamwork)
Download File Now (126 MB)
Published Mar 2018


Recruitment Campaign
The promotional images listed below are available for download to assist your recruitment campaign.

Request Artwork

The State Office can help design any custom artwork including: pull up banners and hut signage. If required, State Office can also help organise production of your artwork with a local supplier.